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Sales Leaders, Here's Why You Should Care About Sales Policies

leadership management startups Mar 14, 2023

Did you know that you can't ship shark fins through UPS? Strange but true! And this is just an example of how sales policies are created. Sales leaders typically don't like writing policies, but they become necessary when one salesperson ruins it for the rest of the team.

Have you ever enjoyed something at work, only for it to be taken away because someone abused it? This is a common scenario, and it's why sales leaders create policies that ensure everyone on the team is on a fair and level playing field with clear expectations.

So, the next time your sales leader writes up a new policy and your first reaction is "this sucks," think about why they might be writing it. It's likely that someone on the team abused the system, and the sales leader needs to course-correct.

Sales leaders play a crucial role in setting the tone for their team and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals. Sales policies are an essential tool for achieving this, as they provide clarity on expectations and help prevent any misunderstandings or abuses of the system.

In a startup environment, where resources are limited and teams are small, policies may seem unnecessary or overly restrictive. However, even in this setting, policies can be beneficial. They provide structure and consistency, which are essential for a successful sales team.

So, the next time your sales leader presents a new policy, consider the bigger picture. Remember that it's not just about the policy itself but also about the culture of your sales team. A strong sales culture is built on trust, accountability, and transparency. By following policies and working together towards common goals, you can help create a culture that fosters these values and drives success.

In conclusion, sales leaders should care about sales policies because they are a necessary tool for creating a fair and level playing field for their team. While policies may seem restrictive, they are essential for providing structure and consistency in a startup environment. By following policies and working towards common goals, sales leaders can build a strong sales culture that fosters trust, accountability, and transparency. So, the next time your sales leader presents a new policy, don't dismiss it out of hand. Instead, consider the bigger picture and how it can help your team succeed.

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