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Our 2 most popular guides for Sales Leaders

77 Salesperson Interview Questions

Packed with 77 real-life interview questions, this powerful tool gives you the edge you need to make informed hiring decisions.

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Playbook for Running Salesperson 1 on 1

This ebook will lay out a stupid-simple plan for running an effective 1-on-1 with your sales reps.

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Other helpful guides for Sales Leaders

Is your new Head of Sales going to work out...or not?

So how do we figure out in 30 days, if your VP of Sales is going to work out or not?

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Best Practices: Onboarding & Training Sales Teams

Maximize productivity by implementing a streamlined salesperson onboarding process

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How Great Sales Managers Model Their Week

Learn the dead-simple way successful sales managers set their week up for success

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10 Sales Leadership Learning Lessons

I spent over 25 years in sales leadership and screwed up a lot...learn from my mistakes. 

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Taking a vacation and keeping your salespeople productive?

Going on vacation makes you a bit anxious? Prepare your Sales Team for your vacation

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Fresh New Sales Leadership Guide Coming Soon

Check back next month for another actionable sales leadership guide.

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