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The 3 Types of Sales Leaders: Which One Are You?

leadership sales leadership women in leadership Nov 06, 2023

If you're in sales leadership, you already know that this is a role marked by persistent challenges, problems and changes and through that I've learned that there are 3 types of sales leaders. To categorize these leaders, we need not look further than an unexpected source - a pile of crushed peanuts on the floor of the office break room.

This is a true story and as someone with over 25 years of experience in sales leadership, it dawned on me that these three types of leaders reveal themselves not just in the office, but in the very way they address life's everyday issues.

Type 1: The Oblivious Leader

Picture this - scattered peanuts on the floor, a glaring mess that's seemingly invisible to the first type of sales leader. They walk on, unfazed by the clutter and chaos. In their world, such problems do not register on their radar, leaving behind a trail of unresolved issues. They're clueless.

Type 2: The Delegating Leader

The second type of sales leader acknowledges the mess but somehow believes it's someone else's responsibility to clean it up. They've mastered the art of delegation, ensuring that any problem that comes their way is swiftly passed on to another. In their view, they've fulfilled their role by merely identifying the issue. In reality, they often see the mess and just assume that someone else will fix it before delegating it to someone else.

Type 3: The Proactive Leader

Then comes the third type, the sales leader who, upon encountering the mess, doesn't hesitate to dive in. They embody the 'roll-up-your-sleeves' mentality, taking the initiative to rectify the problem without waiting for someone else to step in.

This individual understands that sales leadership entails an active commitment to address challenges, regardless of their origin. The peanuts scattered on the floor aren't just a physical mess; they symbolize the myriad obstacles that sales leaders encounter in their journey.

The Learning Lesson

In essence, the pivotal learning lesson is clear: successful sales leadership demands vigilance. These leaders maintain a keen eye for issues that stretch beyond their primary responsibilities. They learn that no task is beneath them and are willing to embrace any challenge, no matter how trivial it may seem.

In a world where the phrase "That's not my job" is all too common, effective sales leaders choose to defy this mindset. By adopting a proactive approach, they elevate their teams, organizations, and themselves, creating a culture of accountability, initiative, and problem-solving.

Choose Your Leadership Path

So, the question remains: which type of sales leader are you? Are you the one who navigates through life oblivious to the issues around you, the delegator who believes that others will take care of things, or the proactive problem-solver who takes action when needed?

Successful sales leadership transcends job titles, pointing to character and mentality. Your choice as a leader, whether conscious or subconscious, can significantly impact your journey and those who follow you.

Embrace the wisdom hidden in my story about the crushed peanuts on the kitchen floor. Adopt a proactive approach, and take charge of the challenges that come your way. In doing so, you'll demonstrate that you are a sales leader who doesn't wait for others to act, but one who leads by example, steering the ship through turbulent waters towards a brighter, more successful future.

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