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Choosing Wisely: The Art of Sales Leadership in Hiring

leadership sales leadership women in leadership Nov 30, 2023

Making hiring decisions in sales leadership is an art. You've gone through the interviews, checked the resumes, and yet, there's that lingering doubt. If you find yourself in the position of trying to convince yourself to hire a candidate, the best advice is simple: don't. In my journey through sales leadership, every time I went against my instincts, it led to regrettable hires.

The Hiring Dilemma: Convince or Decline?

In the ever-evolving world of sales leadership, the pressure to build a winning team is immense. You've screened multiple candidates, had rounds of interviews, and now, you're at a crossroads. The candidate in question might seem promising, but deep down, there's doubt—your intuition giving you a nudge. This is the crucial moment where a decision can make or break your team's dynamics.

The Convince Trap: A Red Flag in Sales Leadership

Sales leaders, by nature, are persuasive. It's a skill we hone daily to close deals and motivate our teams. However, when this persuasion extends to convincing ourselves about a hire, it's a red flag. The best hires don't require internal pep talks or justifications; they stand out naturally.

Reflecting on Past Mistakes

Looking back, I've been there—trying to rationalize a hire that deep down, I wasn't sold on. And each time, it backfired. It led to underperformance, disruptions in the team, and valuable time and resources wasted in course correction. The lessons learned were hard-earned.

Sales Leadership Wisdom: Trust Your Instincts

If you aim to be elite at sales leadership, trusting your instincts is not just a valuable trait; it's a necessity. If you're finding yourself in the convince-the-boss-to-hire mindset, take a step back. Reflect on why you're hesitating. Is it a skill gap, a cultural misalignment, or something else? Understanding these reservations is crucial.

The Downside of Doubt in Sales Hiring

Sales leadership demands confident decision-making. Doubt in hiring decisions can permeate the team and impact morale. If you're not entirely convinced about a candidate, it's likely your team won't be either. Salespeople thrive in an environment where leadership is decisive and certain.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

  • Overlooking Red Flags: If there's something bothering you about the candidate, address it. Ignoring red flags is a classic mistake in sales leadership hiring.

  • Ignoring Cultural Fit: A candidate might have an impressive track record, but if they don't align with your team's culture, it's a recipe for future conflicts.

  • Prioritizing Skill Over Character: Skills are vital, but character is equally important. Sales leadership requires individuals who not only meet targets but also contribute positively to the team.

Sales Leadership Takeaway: Learn from Experience

The best sales leadership lessons often come from our own experiences. I've had my share of missteps, and the one consistent factor in regrettable hires was the need for self-convincing. Recognizing this pattern was a turning point in refining my approach to hiring.

Final Note: Trust, but Verify

As a sales leader, your gut feeling is a culmination of experience and instinct. Trust it. If you're unsure about a candidate, take the time to dig deeper. Verify references, reassess cultural fit, and consider alternative options. In the dynamic world of sales, every team member counts.

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